92 Historical Interviews You Can Watch on YouTube

92 Historical Interviews You Can Watch on YouTube è un sito che propone 92 interviste in video che riguardano la storia americana raccolte in queste sezioni:

    From interviews with the likes of JFK to Noam Chomski, these videos record historical events and history in the making when it comes to politics and activism
    These scientists talk about their work, the role of science throughout history, and science for the future
    Humanities and Social Sciences
    These interviews include discussions on philosophy, psychology, and social issues
    Hear from famous artists from the world of music, TV, painting, and literature in these video interviews.
    Watch a rare interview with a Rothschild, hear from Nobel Laureates, and learn from leaders in the field of business with these video interviews
    From the powerful interview of Mister Rogers at the US Senate to students interviewing Holocaust survivors, these videos all touch on the subject of education
    Historical Events
    Watch interviews about historical events such as man landing on the moon or the Civil Rights movement in these videos
    Historical Figures
    From Rosa Parks to Ayn Rand, these historical figures are interviewed and recorded here
    These videos touch on legal issues such as the traditional role of judges, human rights, and the survival of middle-class families


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