“Delivery: General Post Office Posters from 1930 to 1960”: una mostra virtuale sulla Royal Mail

[John Armstrong (1893-1973) Royal Mail, A.D. 1935]
L’Archive and Special Collections Centre dell’University of the Arts di Londra e il British Postal Museum & Archive hanno presentato in ottobre la prima mostra (anche on-line) dedicata ai poster della Royal Mail: “Delivery: GPO Posters from 1930 to 1960“.
Concentrandosi su un periodo in cui i progettisti come Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954), Tom Eckersley (1914-1995), Leonard Beaumont (1891-1986) e FK Henrion (1914-1990) erano al lavoro per il GPO, i manifesti sono organizzati in sei temi chiave: Education, Air Mail, Post Early, Wartime, Postage e Packing Products and Services.
Per mezzo del testo di base, le immagini e i colori dei manifesti mostrano come i poster traducessero spesso messaggi complessi destinati al pubblico.

Qui, trovate una breve storia del GPO:
The General Post Office (GPO) was established in 1657 as a monopoly service, combining the functions of state postal and telecommunications carrier and spawning similar services across the British Empire. From 1660-1969 it was a State Department but in 1969 it became a statutory corporation named The Post Office. In 1981 the corporation was divided by function due to the expansion of services beyond paper-based needs: into the Post Office for postal needs; and British Telecom for other communicative needs.
From early on the service was innovative for example, being the first known creator of stamps (Penny Post) in 1840. With the growth of communications The General Post Office became about more than paper deliveries within Great Britain but it was also this expansion which would see the Department split up. Design was a factor from the first, stamps required designing and the change of system required advertising. The power of advertising was used to promote the General Post Office as a service and necessity. As poster design began to expand in the early twentieth century the General Post Office increasingly used this medium and its rising stars.

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