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[Prisoners during a roll call at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Their uniforms bear classifying triangular badges and identification numbers. Buchenwald, Germany, 1938-1941
— United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]
L’United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ha un’interessantissima sezione sul suo sito interamente dedicata alle Online Exhibitions che possono avere anche un’utilizzazione didattica. Questi sono i temi affrontati in queste mostre virtuali:

In ogni esposizione virtuale trovate un inquadramento storico e molte risorse per approfondire (link, fotografie, filmati, testimonianze…)
Non dimenticate di guardare anche la Holocaust Encyclopedia.

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  1. October 21, 2010
    The video “Neve diventeremo” will be at the exhibition : Shards: Documenting Genocide
    to Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery -Morristown 07960 New Jersey USA


    Hi, we are 7Grani, an italian rock band who realized the music video of our song “Neve diventeremo”, a song dedicated to all those people deported in nazi’s camps during the II World War.
    Part of the music video has been shot inside Buckenwald nazi’s camp close to Weimar in Germany after the Director of the camp Rikola-Gunnar Luettgenau, give us the autorization
    We made a documentary about his life and we wrote a song ( Neve diventeremo ).

    This is probably the first time that a rock band shoot a video inside a nazi’s camp.

    Right now the documentary and the videoclip are available for the public at the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
    The music video is also available at this web address:

    and the documentary on our website:

    Le Monde 22.5.2009
    Tournage inédit d’un vidéoclip dans le camp de Buchenwald
    It’s our wish to do presentations of our project “Neve diventeremo” with the shooting of the music video and our gig to young people, trying to make them undertand how important freedom is and how important is defending it.”Forgive but not forget”
    We would like to thank you for your support helping us finding foundation, and people who would like to help us to diffuse our project.

    If send us your address we delevery the DVD
    Thank you.

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