Elezioni politiche americane: loghi, pin e poster

Dal momento che la campagna presidenziale statunitense entrerà nel vivo tra poco, date un’occhiata a questi due siti interessanti.
Il primo, USA political elections logos 2008-1960 presenta un’interessante galleria dei loghi usati per le elezioni politiche americane concludendo:

It’s amazing how designers have to treat one and the same theme in so many variations. Some of the schemes are repeating themselves, but as a general – there’s a big variety that might be useful for every logo and corporate designer. As we can see – there are certain trends last years – like the usage of curves, reminding of the USA flag. They start using this curves better and better. Angles and length are different, much more attractive last years. Also almost the complete lack of photos – in compare of the campaigns during the 60’s. Pay extra attention to the different variations of blue. Some are more warm, some – more cold and strict. The usage of an extra color except the red and the blue is very rare and it’s primary yellow, green, black and orange. Once in 1972, Muskie uses as a background color dark purple. In some of the cases bellow “brown” appears, referring to the colored americans, I believe. The “Obama” designs are definite one level higher. In 1988 there are 10 banners / logos that bet on the white color. In 2008 they are barely 3. […]
Most popular symbols are: flag, star, eagle and the number of the year of the elections. Though there are brave usages of cowboy hat, street sign and heart-shaped key. And , yes, let’s don’t forget the signature of Mr. Hatch in year 2000. […]

Nel sezione degli Historical Archives dell’Hudson Library and Historical Society puoi invece trovare una ricca rassegna di political pins, political posters, political phamphlets e di political bumper stickers.

E nel caso ti assalgano dubbi sui presidenti degli Usa dal 1700 ad oggi, visita questo sito: POTUS-Presidents of United States.
Presidential Timeline si propone di fornire un acesso unico alle risorse digitalizzate delle collezioni delle 12 Presidential libraries (documenti, audio, fotografie..).

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