Ritratto della DoNet generation

Dopo la generazione del “Baby boom” (nata tra il 1946 e il 1964), dopo la “Generazione X” , che comprende i nati tra il 1966 e il 1980, ecco la Generation Next , chiamata anche la “DoNet Generation“, dal momento che è la prima generazione cresciuta con il web.
Sono stati pubblicati negli Stati Uniti i risultati di un’indagine condotta dal Pew Research Center tra il 6 settembre e il 2 ottobre 2006 in un campione complessivo di 1.501 adulti che contava al suo interno 579 giovani con età compresa tra i 18 e i 25 anni.
Molto interessante è la ricostruzione del rapporto tra la Next Generation e le nuove tecnologie

They use technology and the internet to connect with people in new and distinctive ways. Text messaging, instant messaging and email keep them in constant contact with friends. About half say they sent or received a text message over the phone in the past day, approximately double the proportion of those ages 26-40.

They are the “Look at Me” generation. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and MyYearbook allow individuals to post a personal profile complete with photos and descriptions of interests and hobbies. A majority of Gen Nexters have used one of these social networking sites, and more than four-in-ten have created a personal profile.

Their embrace of new technology has made them uniquely aware of its advantages and disadvantages. They are more likely than older adults to say these cyber-tools make it easier for them to make new friends and help them to stay close to old friends and family. But more than eight-in-ten also acknowledge that these tools “make people lazier.”

They are more comfortable with globalization and new ways of doing work. They are the most likely of any age group to say that automation, the outsourcing of jobs, and the growing number of immigrants have helped and not hurt American workers.

Asked about the life goals of those in their age group, most Gen Nexters say their generation’s top goals are fortune and fame. Roughly eight-in-ten say people in their generation think getting rich is either the most important, or second most important, goal in their lives. About half say that becoming famous also is valued highly by fellow Gen Nexters

Il testo del rapporto è interamente scaricabile:

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